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If you want to find the Pincodes of Durgapur which is located in Paschim Bardhaman district in the State of West Bengal, India.
You should definitely read this article.
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This article will tell you the details of Durgapur Head Office including the services they provide
And below article also includes What actually the PIN Code is? And how this article is helpful for you for identifying any location through their Pincodes.

Durgapur Pin Code
Durgapur Pin Code


Durgapur, simply located in West Bengal, India. It has 19 Pincodes.

Amrai – 713203
A-Zone – 713204
B-Zone – 713205
Amarabati. – 713214
ABL Township – 713206
Bidhannagar – 713212
Benachity – 713213
Coke Oven – 713202
City Centre. – 713216
Durgapur Station Road – 713201
D.T.P.S. – 713207
Durgapur Chemicals – 713215
Durgapur Alloy Steel Project S.O – 713208
Gopalmath – 713217
M.A.M.C. – 713210
R.E.C. – 713209
SagarBhanga – 713211

These all above areas have definite Pincode.
You can easily locate a particular place in Durgapur through Pincode.
For example, the Bidhannagar area in Durgapur has two Pin Codes 6 and 12, Bidhannagar’s place falls in either Pincode 6 or in Pincode 12.

Indian Postal Code System

In India, there are 29 states with over 720 districts and approximately 7 lakh villages, with over 8,200 towns or cities. Hence, it is next to impossible to seek a place to deliver the parcel or letters,

So the Indian postal department provides a unique postal code or pin code to each district/village/town/city for easy delivery of postal services.
Every Pin Code consists of Six Digits, This is the Indian Postal Code System.

Structure of PIN Code

The first 2 digits of any Pincode represent the State,
The third and fourth digits represent the District and
The last 2 digits represent the Post office.


In Durgapur, the first two digits are ’71’ which represents the State West Bengal.
Durgapur is in the Paschim Bardhaman district so, the third and fourth digits are ’32’ and
The last 2 digits represent the Post office like ’08’ for Alloy steel Project S.O.
Therefore, the Pincode is 713208 for Durgapur Alloy steel Project S.O, Bardhhaman, West Bengal India.
Pincode is also known as Postal Index Number or PIN.
Postal Index Number exists in the postcode system which is used by the Indian Postal Administration and India Post.

The Durgapur Head Office Pincode is 713201.

Details of Durgapur post office

Post Office: DURGAPUR
Post Office Type: HEAD OFFICE
Pin Code: 713201
Delivery Status:- DELIVERY
Postal Division:- ASANSOL
The Postal Region:- SOUTH BENGAL
Postal Circle:- WEST BENGAL

For sending any mail or parcel you should write the above details on the package so that it will reach Durgapur Post office.

Durgapur Head Office

The Durgapur Post Office is a head office.
The Durgapur Head Office Pincode or Zipcode is 713201 and
This Head office is in the Asansol Division which is located in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal State, India.
Traditionally, the Durgapur post office’s primary function was the collection, processing, transmission, and delivery of mails.
But in this modern era, A Post Office offers many other vital services in addition to its traditional services.
The additional services provided by a Durgapur post office include – Mail Services, Financial Services, Retail Services, and Premium Services.

Mail Services

The Mail Services comes under the basic services provided by Durgapur Post Office Mails.
The Mail services include all or any postal items which can be in the form of a message which may include Inland letter cards, packets, Letters, Postcards, parcels, Ordinary mails, etc.

Financial Services

The Durgapur Head Post Office gives access to a range of Financial Services to customers which include the Public Provident Fund (PPF), Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme (SSS), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), National Savings Certificates (NSC).
There are also services like most of the other banks which include Saving Deposit, Fixed Deposit, and Recurring Deposit.
The main purpose of this kind of Service to promote savings amongst the Citizens of the Country.

Retail Services

The Retail services of the Durgapur head office supply the facility to accept or collect customer bills like telephone bills, mobile bills, electricity bills, etc. for Government and private organizations through Retail Posting.

Premium Services

Premium Services can be used by the Durgapur people and nearby living people.
It may include the Premium Services Provided by Durgapur Post head Office.
For example- Speed Post, express parcel post, business post, greeting post, media post, and logistics post, etc.

Durgapur Post Office Phone Number Is – 03432550807

Did you know

Durgapur is a tier-II city.
Durgapur is a municipal corporation.
It is in Paschim Bardhhaman district in the state of West Bengal India.
Durgapur is the fourth-largest urban agglomeration after Kolkata, Asansol, and Siliguri in West Bengal and
The Durgapur is the result of work by two American architects named Joseph Allen Stein and Benjamin Polk in 1955.
The Durgapur post office is a Branch Office located in the Krishnaganj taluk of the Calcutta region in West Bengal.

A Post Office or Dak Ghar is usually regulated and funded by the Government of India.
Pin code of Durgapur Head Post Office is 713201. Durgapur Post Office falls under the Asansol postal division of the West Bengal postal circle.

What is a PIN Code?

As we discussed, PIN Code is also known as Postal Index Number, PIN, Zip code, etc.
PIN Code is a six digits number in which the first two represents the State
Then, the third and fourth digits represent the District
And the last 2 Digits shows the post office no.
PIN (six digits number) introduced on 15 August 1972 by the department of post for identifying a place, where the letter parcel and the post have to be delivered.
an additional secretary named Shriram Bhikaji Velankar in the Union Ministry of Communications developed the PIN Code.

India has been divided into Nine Postal Regions, Regions are divided into Sub- Regions also known as Postal Circles further it is divided into sorting offices and in the last sorting offices divided into Branch Postal Offices for delivering the parcel at right place.

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